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Corporate and Commercial

KCB Architecture is dedicated to delivering new and innovative designs for corporate and commercial spaces –designs which are limited only by imagination.

Creekview Court

African Heritage Food Cooperative · Buffalo, NY

Creekview Court (Exterior) · Amherst, NY

Aquarium of Niagara · Niagara Falls, NY

Hostel Buffalo-Niagara

· ​Architectural Design

· Project Management

· Pre-Lease Consultation

· Existing Conditions Surveys

· Feasibility Planning

· Interior Design

· Construction Drawings 

· Relocation Services

· LEED Consultation

Babeville · Buffalo, NY

Hostel Buffalo-Niagara · Buffalo, NY

In business time is money, and we at KCB Architecture understand that. Our skilled designers create structures that are appropriate for today and tomorrow's complicated, and evolving, business needs. We design corporate and commercial settings that translate our clients’ aspirations into inviting environments by layering patterns, color, technology, and texture; thereby creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing expression of the interrelationship between architecture and place, space and form, color and materials, and style and functionality.

Our Services

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