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Door Hardware Consulting

At KCB Architecture we provide our clients with unsurpassed door opening technical consulting services that address all functionality requirements, construction budgets, and owner expectations. Please visit for more information

Canalside Buffalo ice rink

· Albany Training Academy - Albany, NY

· Batavia CSD, Smartschools - Batavia, NY

· Brooks Memorial Hospital - Dunkirk, NY

· Erie County Medical Center - Buffalo, NY

· Daycare Center - SUNY Albany

· Manhattan Psychiatric Center -

New York, NY

· NAVFAC Headquarters - Guam

· Niagara Falls CSD - Niagara Falls, NY

· RTA Youth Residential Facilities -

Buffalo, NY

· South Beach Residence Hall -

Staten Island, NY

Our certified Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC) have special expertise in coordinating architectural and electrical hardware designs with clients and design teams to ensure door openings function as intended and comply with all fire, life safety, accessibility, and building code requirements.

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